Developing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Always & Forever Ministry


Building character and empowering people to develop healthy relationships, benefiting their communities and society. 

Mission Statement

Always & Forever Ministry will use the Holy Bible and tools to create healthy relationships for adults and children.

Don and Tina wear many Hats

What are some of the roles of a Life Coach? 

Assist in prioritizing and building personal and professional relationships.  You realize that your future success may depend on accessing new skills.

Provide guidance on creating visions, goals, challenges and success.Offer guidance to continually discover and implement new and more fulfilling opportunities in your life.

Tina Taylor

Founder, Evangelist, Leader, Life Coach, Mentor

Tina is a member of Church in Jesus Christ under the leadership of Bishop Edward and Evangelist June Black. Tina is a licensed minister. She is the Founder of Always & Forever Ministry, that was established in 2010. She has certifications for Life In Motion Resources, Life Coaching, Dominate Influence Stable Compliant (DISC) personality assessments and serve as a Safe Sleep Ambassador for CelebrateOne Columbus, Ohio.   

She spends time working with others to provide education and awareness of God and knowledge around healthy relationships at home, work, dating, marriage, etc.  In addition to being a member of the Columbus, Ohio Stop the Violence Group, Greater Linden Business Network and a member and moderator for Linden and Columbus Stop the Violence. Partner with Men of Courage.  Tina has received various awards for her work in the community.

Dondiego Taylor

Co-Founder, Elder, Life Coach, Leader, Mentor 

Dondiego is a member of Church in Jesus Christ under the leadership of Bishop Edward and Evangelist June Black. He received his ministers’ license during 2010 while attending Good Soldier Church and Outreach Ministry. Later on he was elevated to an Elder in the ministry.  

Elder Taylor has a very in depth understanding of the Bible and serves in his gift of spreading the Word of God. He has a certification for Life In Motion Resources that is used to gather information prior to a coaching session.   Partner with Men of Courage. 

Relationships are not built on love.  It's built on "knowing".                                                           Dondiego Taylor